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Record choral rehearsal tracks and sell them in ScorX global sales platform with 10 000 customers!

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ScorX PLAY is a web-based rehearsal tool helping choir singers to practice their choral parts at home by the computer or with tablet/mobile. Each voice is recorded separately and ScorX allows the choral singer to set the volume for each track.

Try ScorX player here – with Brahm’s Waldesnacht!

Watch our 3-minute introduction movie here

Our pieces are all recorded with professional singers and musicians and our catalog now contains almost 600 titles. This makes ScorX the world’s largest online collection of choral rehearsal tracks! By choosing titles from ScorX PLAY music library and rehearsing from home, choirs will enhance the musical quality of rehearsals and concerts. ScorX makes choir singing more fun for everyone – including singers, directors and audience. Our customers includes individual singers, choir directors, choral festivals/projects as well as national choral associations.

We sell each music piece individually and currently we charge less than 2 EUR for 3 months of access to a piece with PLAY.

We are now internationalizing our operations and seek partners that can develop our catalog for an international choral market, including 37 millions choral singers in Europe.


You would produce choral track audio files and we would make them available for sale in ScorX global distribution platform. You keep the rights to your recordings but you license the sales right to us. You receive 50% of all the gross sales revenues.

How to produce PLAY choral tracks for ScorX:

  • Contact to settle our agreement. We will want to hear some of your music before we sign.
  • Pick a title from our picklist and let know about it. You find our picklist here.
  • You can also suggest titles to record – for instance you may know of an upcoming choir festival that plans to sing a certain repertoire.
  • We’ll make sure you are provided with the correct sheet music for the production.
  • Record the accompaniment/piano on a separate track
  • Then record each voice/part in temporal sync with the accompaniment/piano. Use professional recording tools, preferably in studio.
  • If the same accompaniment is used across multiple versions of the song (e.g.  SATB, SAB, SSA) – you are free to reuse it .
  • Export/bounce each track into MP3 and send to us via Dropbox.
  • If you have the copyright to the sheet music (e.g. your own compositions) you may send us the PDF, and we will connect the audio tracks with your sheet music and ensure a play-head is moving across the sheet in the correct pace.
  • We will upload your choral tracks to ScorX e-shop and start selling!

We will provide you with marketing material and links so that you can market your material in your social networks.
If you already have potential customer for your choral tracks – for instance a choral festival or workshop – inform our sales department about it. In this way we can – together – offer the best way to give access your material for that particular customer.

For a choral track you produced we will charge customer 2 EUR (20 SEK) for 3 months access. With a 50% revenue share your earnings will be:

10 sold copies: 10 EUR
100 sold copies: 100 EUR
1000 sold copies: 1000 EUR

(For customers who buy in bulk, our volume discounts may decrease the price paid per copy – your revenue will always be 50% of what each customer pays for your piece)

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